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Thursday, June 14, 2018

My Legume Love Affair #88 - Oct 2015


I'm pleased in 1 lawsuit once again to hold upwards hosting My Legume Love Affair, a long running final result celebrating all of the goodness of legumes. We are at edition #88 in addition to I promise beau bloggers volition submit a recipe this month. This final result was started yesteryear my love in addition to loving friend Susan of The Well Seasoned Cook in addition to eventually passed along to me to administer. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 special give thank you lot you to those who conduct keep hosted in addition to contributed their inventiveness in addition to talent over the years.

Legumes are an of import source of protein, peculiarly for those next vegetarian or vegan diets. In my kitchen, it is rare a twenty-four hours goes yesteryear without legumes playing an of import role.

To part inward the legume love affair, all you lot bespeak to create is:

Prepare a legume-centric dish. Link dorsum to this announcement, my weblog in addition to also Susan's blog, equally she is the master copy founder of the event. Share your creation using the linky tool at the cease of this post yesteryear the cease of the month. Use of the lovely logo, designed yesteryear Susan, is optional, but appreciated.

I ain in addition to function a vegetarian blog, then exclusively vegetarian recipes volition hold upwards accepted. That includes recipes gratis of meat, fowl in addition to seafood. Please exclusively 1 submission per month, per blogger. Recipes from your archives volition hold upwards accepted if reposted in addition to updated.

For your dish to hold upwards included inward the roundup, it must incorporate to a greater extent than than simply a few tablespoons of legumes. The slight exception to this are legumes such equally fenugreek or tamarind that typically are used inward smaller quantities. Fresh or dried beans, lentils, pulses, in addition to the sometimes edible pods that incorporate these seeds, in addition to derivative products such equally tofu or besan, along alongside fenugreek, carob, in addition to peanuts are all acceptable. The possibilities are endless. Please simply ensure that your shining constituent is inward fact a fellow member of the legume family. All types of cuisines in addition to courses are welcome, important appetizers, sides, mains in addition to desserts are all acceptable then long equally the mighty legume is the telephone substitution ingredient.

Thanks inward advance for your participation in addition to inspiration. I am looking for invitee hosts for 2016. Send me an e-mail at legume.lisa AT gmail DOT com or locomote out a comment on this post if you lot would similar to host.


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