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Thursday, May 17, 2018

My Legume Love Affair #96 - June Edition 2016

I'm excited to host My Legume Love Affair this month. As many of my readers volition know, this is a long running effect focusing on the goodness of legumes, started past times lovely Susan of The Well Seasoned Cook in addition to straightaway administered past times me of Lisa's Kitchen. Each calendar month nosotros stimulate got a dissimilar host but it's my plow straightaway for the calendar month of June. We are at edition #96 this month. I await frontward to to a greater extent than legume recipes every bit legumes are an of import in addition to plentiful source of protein, peculiarly if yous are a vegetarian or vegan.

It is slowly to participate. All yous postulate to create is gear upwards a legume-centric dish. Link dorsum to this announcement, my spider web log in addition to also Susan's blog, every bit she is the master copy founder of the event. Share your creation using the linky tool at the halt of this post past times the halt of the month. Use of the lovely logo, designed past times Susan, is optional, but appreciated.

Only 1 entry per blogger delight in addition to it must endure vegetarian. Recipes from archives volition alone endure accepted if reposted in addition to updated alongside the links required.

For your dish to endure included inwards the roundup, it must comprise to a greater extent than than but a few tablespoons of legumes. The slight exception to this are legumes such every bit fenugreek or tamarind that typically are used inwards smaller quantities. Fresh or dried beans, lentils, pulses, in addition to the sometimes edible pods that comprise these seeds, in addition to derivative products such every bit tofu or besan, along alongside fenugreek, carob, in addition to peanuts are all acceptable. The possibilities are endless. Please but ensure that your shining constituent is inwards fact a fellow member of the legume family. All types of cuisines in addition to courses are welcome, pregnant appetizers, sides, mains in addition to desserts are all acceptable in addition to hence long every bit the mighty legume is the primal ingredient.

Thanks inwards advance for your participation in addition to inspiration. I am looking for invitee hosts for 2016. Send me an e-mail at legume.lisa AT gmail DOT com or larn out a comment on this post if yous would similar to host. I nevertheless stimulate got a few spots left for this year.


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