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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Places To Eat In London: Baileys Chocolat Luxe Bar Chocolat Pop Up Bar & Restaurant, September 11th - 16th

Believe it or not, because equally regular readers volition conduct maintain realised past times similar a shot I only adore eating out, upward until similar a shot I've never genuinely eaten inward a popular upward restaurant. It is non that I conduct maintain non wanted to, but my schedule normally exactly does non allow for it. However, I'm at a let on goal for a few days inward London earlier I become dorsum to Kent for a calendar week spell I come inward my novel London flat, thus when the lovely squad running the PR for Baileys invited me along to the preview of Bar Chocolat, a novel popular upward eating seat designed to a greater extent than or less their novel Baileys Chocolat Luxe sip I decided it would endure a skillful fourth dimension to conduct maintain the plunge together with endeavour a dissimilar eating sense for once.


As 'Places To Eat In London' posts amongst a divergence appear to endure inward Vogue this calendar month on this blog, I'm non going to fully review everything I experienced at Bar Chocolat on Midweek afternoon, because I mean value that would endure giving the game away for those of yous who determine to visit. Instead, I'm going to part a few details of the repast that I peculiarly enjoyed together with I mean value are worth visiting for, but together with then proceed some surprises dorsum thus yous tin all the same conduct maintain the total sense either if yous mass for lunch, dinner or exactly see the bar.


Before yous accomplish the bar you're met amongst a chocolate together with chocolate flavoured exhibition infinite where yous tin gustation cubes of dissimilar chocolate flavor combinations from chocolatier Amelia Rope together with stylist Petra Storrs. I'd await out for the ginger flavour, together with the rose. I conduct maintain a pile of them on my best that is quickly depleting. In the side past times side ii rooms you'll run across ii rather dissimilar nutrient meets scientific discipline together with nutrient meets 17th century Dutch Art installations past times Bompas & Parr together with Tabitha Denholm respectively.

photo bar chocolat desserts bailey's chocolat

You'll authorities annotation that I did non genuinely pull the pictures I've posted higher upward of the primary kind together with the dessert; I mean value they are things yous conduct maintain to sense for yourself. There was zip incorrect amongst the food; it was all perfectly executed together with I conduct maintain 1 or ii flavor ideas I've taken away from the repast (there are pickled radishes somewhere inward my future), but at that topographic point was zip that blew me away nigh it. It was only exactly good executed inward the kitchen, together with it was the sense I'd genuinely recommend Bar Chocolat for, together with I don't desire to hand the game away. But I hope you, I was at a foodie consequence the solar daytime afterwards together with I was describing the nutrient house to them all, together with I was asked several times where to larn tickets.

Finally, exactly a footling authorities annotation on the Baileys. I've never been much of a fan of drinking Baileys straight, but the beautiful chocolate flavor genuinely made it the perfect sweetness to complete the repast off with. I'd telephone band it the perfect chocoholic afterwards dinner drink. Alternatively, if yous are similar me together with yous genuinely similar the taste, but you're non genuinely big on the thought of drinking a drinking glass of it straight, serve a shot or ii of it over (preferably homemade) vanilla H2O ice cream for an indulgent dessert. 

Bar Chocolat is opened upward at Mercer Street Studios exactly off of Long Acre inward Covent Garden until 16th September (though it is unopen on the 15th) together with yous tin see the bar for costless (though yous all the same demand to larn a ticket online), luncheon (£17.50) or dinner (£25.00). Baileys Chocolat Luxe, which I genuinely enjoyed together with I would recommend to Bailey's fans is available inward Harvey Nichols now, together with most other places Baileys is sold inward October.

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