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Places To Eat In Canterbury: The Shakespeare

The work amongst moving across the pond as well as away from your hometown for virtually a yr is that things await very, really different when you lot come upwardly back. It used to disconcert me when I stayed inward London for an entire calendar month as well as came dorsum to Canterbury, the identify I volition e'er telephone weep upwardly dwelling for a few days as well as constitute i of my favourite shops as well as restaurants had closed or changed hands. However, i proficient affair since I've been gone inward Canterbury is spell I've lost i of my favourite dejeuner spots, The Hutch past times Mint Yard Gate of Canterbury Cathedral which has forthwith closed, as well as therefore many novel as well as exciting eateries direct maintain opened for me forthwith to sample when I'm inward town.

the shakespeare seafood platter

While the master copy conception was to sample Salt. for lunch, the eating theatre that has taken over the infinite on Palace Street contrary the King's School Shop that Hutch used to occupy during a shopping trip amongst my Mummy, walking downward the high street nosotros caught the nutrient board for The Shakespeare, a newly refurbished pub downward a side street where a run down-ish pub I never went close called Casey's used to be. We decided to consume at that spot instead, every bit the nutrient looked pretty good. Lets nation nosotros were very, really happy amongst our alter of optic as well as nosotros volition last eating at that spot again, as well as I felt it warranted beingness shared amongst my minor grouping of Canterbury followers, as well as those of you lot who mightiness watch quondam int he futurity (please do, Canterbury is awesome, as well as non but because I alive hither as well as you're liable to encounter Paul Hollywood inward Waitrose!)


They direct maintain a slap-up looking carte which is a slap-up mix of traditional pub nutrient as well as modern favourites. I wishing to larn dorsum for the Crispy Pork Belly, i of their opened upwardly transcend sandwiches as well as particular burgers. And their nub platter.

the shakespeare pinot DSC_0783 DSC_0787 DSC_0805
As you lot tin see, my Mother as well as I decided to club the minor version of the seafood platter which was the perfect size for us to portion (we were planning on saving room for dessert!), as well as different a lot of sharing platters was actually good idea out every bit something meant to share. There were 2 perfectly grilled prawns, 4 pieces of bread, a large plenty slice of salmon to separate inward two, 2 pieces of Sun dried tomato, 4 pieces of calamari as well as fifty-fifty an fifty-fifty lay out of pickled capers. All perfectly dividable, as well as totally delicious. Recommended.

the shakespeare dessert

We could non select betwixt desserts, as well as therefore nosotros ordered 2 to share. First up, nosotros direct maintain the most delicious melty chocolate cake. The sponge was rich as well as dense as well as it was served amongst a scoop of honeycomb H2O ice cream. The micro herbs every bit garnish looked fantastic, but besides tasted actually proficient amongst as well as balanced out the rich chocolate.


Our mo dessert was a homemade salted caramel cheesecake (baked) served amongst a scoop of vanilla H2O ice cream as well as a generous sprinkling of popping candy. For me, it was the popping candy that added involvement as well as excitement to the dish; kudos to Heston Blumenthal for bringing the candy dorsum into the mainstream as well as therefore you lot tin forthwith purchase it inward Waitrose as well as Tesco. In my heed it makes the perfect garnish for a playful dessert.


They besides direct maintain a pretty cute garden, which spell it is Autumn forthwith as well as the chill is starting to come upwardly in, I shout out back would direct maintain been lovely inward Summer. Not every bit awesome every bit the garden inward my favourite Canterbury pub, The Dolphin, but nonetheless pretty awesome. If you lot alive inward or unopen to Canterbury I urge you lot to larn endeavor it out, or if you lot don't, to exercise as well as therefore on a watch to the town. We're pretty awesome you lot know, as well as this dejeuner combined amongst a trip to the beautiful Cathedral as well as cloisters is worth hopping on the develop for, promise!

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