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Thursday, December 7, 2017

My Legume Love Affair - #68


I am pleased to locomote hosting My Legume Love Affair this calendar month hither on this space. As many readers volition know, this long running effect is the creation of lovely Susan of The Well Seasoned Cook. It's been a pop destination for lovers of all things legumes since 2008. For a yr now, I stimulate got been the "legume mistress" together with volition proceed equally coordinator. Already I stimulate got hosts booked upwards until July together with a listing of those who stimulate got expressed an interest. I volition locomote sorting out that listing presently together with hopefully filling inwards the remaining spots for 2014. H5N1 exceptional cheers to Susan for her gorgeous logos each calendar month together with likewise for sponsoring a prize. I promise that this effect volition proceed to locomote a pop spot to part your treasured edible bean creations.

Now unto the details...

What yous require to know to participate:

I ain together with hold a vegetarian cooking site, together with therefore alone entries that are gratis of meat, fowl together with seafood volition locomote accepted. Please alone ane submission per blogger. Recipes from your archives volition locomote accepted if reposted together with updated. You may submit your recipe to other events.

For your dish to locomote included inwards the roundup, it must comprise to a greater extent than than merely a few tablespoons of legumes. The slight exception to this are legumes such equally fenugreek or tamarind that typically are used inwards smaller quantities. Fresh or dried beans, lentils, pulses, together with the sometimes edible pods that comprise these seeds, carob, peanuts together with derivative products similar tofu or besan are all acceptable. Please ensure that your shining factor is inwards fact a fellow member of the legume family. All types of cuisines together with courses are welcome, together with therefore long equally the mighty legume is the commutation ingredient.

Simply showcase your legume-centric dish on your spider web log yesteryear the destination of February,
link to this proclamation together with the ongoing MLLA page. Kindly ship a nod to Susan, our honey creator of MLLA. Use of the logo is optional but appreciated.

Email the next data to legume.lisa AT gmail DOT com:

1. Your name
2. Name of your blog
3. Title together with url of your post
4. H5N1 photograph (320 px broad or larger) - this is optional, but helpful
5. Location, for prize purposes

Prize information:

1) Susan is generously sponsoring a prize that she volition ship worldwide, at her ain expense. This calendar month she is offering a silicone gel non-stick multi-purpose mould.

2) Hurst Beans continues equally a sponsor pregnant USA residents stimulate got a gamble to win a 6-pack assortment of products yesteryear the N.K. Hurst Company. Due to transportation restrictions, this prize is restricted to residents of the US.

If the random winner is a resident of the US, they volition win both the Hurst Bean Prize together with Susan's offering - otherwise a bit depict volition convey house for the Hurst prize from the puddle of USA residents.

The winner or winners volition locomote contacted via e-mail in ane lawsuit a random depict has taken place.

*Note: my immediate household unit of measurement together with friends are ineligible to win a prize. Links to products are for non-commercial purposes together with intended equally prize descriptions. Neither Susan nor myself are receiving monetary or production compensation.

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